Our doctors will do their best to stay on time but unfortunately they may run late from time to time due to complicated cases or sick patients. To assist in this process, it would be appreciated if you could advise our friendly reception staff if you require a longer appointment.

Patients are to ensure they are specific at the time of booking an appointment about who the appointment is for. It is not possible for our doctors to provide multiple consultations with a patient’s children, partner, etc unless prior notice and adequate appointment time is allowed. DUE TO THE CURRENT COVID-19 SITUATION, PATIENTS ARE ONLY PERMITTED TO ATTEND APPOINTMENTS WITH NEXT OF KIN OR IDENTIFIED CARERS.

To book, please telephone the practice or making on online booking on our Home Page.

New Patients

If you are a new patient, please arrive 10min prior to your appointment time so that any required documentation can be completed prior to your appointment. A copy of our New Patient Record is available New Patient Form. To save time, please print and fill in this form and bring it along with you to your first appointment.


Our fee structure has been designed to ensure equal access to our services by all members of the Dapto community and beyond. Bulk-billing is available for pension and concession card holders, children under 16 years of age, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander patients, and DVA patients. Consultation fees are payable under other circumstances as follows:

Proposed Fee Structure:

Item Medicare Benefit Our Gap Total Cost to Patient
Level A (3) $17.90 $20.00 $37.90
Level B (23) $39.10 $35.00 $74.10
Level C (36) $75.75 $40.00 $115.75
Level D (44) $111.50 $50.00 $161.50
2712 (MH Review) $74.60 $35.00 $109.60
2713 (MH Plan) $74.60 $40.00 $114.60
2715 (MH Consult) $94.75 $40.00 $134.75
Iron Infusion $80.00

*Credit card facilities are available for payment.

Dressings and medical supplies may also incur a fee depending on the circumstances.

A $35 fee is also payable by patients who fail to attend an appointment at the practice without providing prior notice. This fee is payable prior to the patient’s next appointment.

Patients may receive a copy of their health summary upon request, however a fee of $45 (ex GST) is payable for patients who require a transfer of their full medical record.

Fee information for medicinal cannabis patients is available on the Southern Cross Cannabis Clinic website

Repeat Scripts

To ensure continuity of medication, patients are encouraged to ensure they have a sufficient number of repeat prescriptions before leaving the practice. Patients can request repeat prescriptions during consultation, or via HotDoc online.

Requests for repeat scripts via HotDoc:

  • This service is only available for existing patients.
  • Requests for repeat prescriptions may take up to three business days to be processed. This is subject to your regular doctor consulting on the day of receiving the request and having approved the request on clinical grounds.
  • Requests will only be completed by your regular doctor at the clinic. In the event, that your regular doctor is on leave you are required to make an appointment at the clinic to obtain your prescription.
  • Prescriptions must be collected from the practice.
  • Each prescription request is assessed by your doctor who will approve or decline the request on clinical grounds. If the request is declined, you will be advised to make an appointment in-person.
  • A fee is charged for each request, which is to be paid on request via HotDoc.
  • Repeat prescriptions for addictive medication including benzodiazepines and opiates are not provided using this service
  • You may select more than one medication with each request.
  • However, if your request is declined, you will receive an immediate refund.
  • You must have seen your usual Doctor in the last three months.
  • If you require an urgent prescription you must make an appointment to see a doctor.

Urgent Cases

We will always attempt to fit in urgent cases and sick children so please let our friendly staff know if this is the case when calling for an appointment. After hour visits are provided by the Wollongong Radio Doctor. Patients are bulk billed for this service and a report of the consultation is sent promptly to the practice to keep your doctor informed of your condition. Wollongong Radio Doctor (02) 4228 5522. In an emergency, call 000.

Confirming/Cancelling Appointments and Non-Attendance

Medical Professionals Dapto strives to provide a high quality medical service. Good communication between the practice and its patients is an important factor in ensuring that our doctors are available to our patients when they needed. Please be advised that:

  • Patients are to confirm their appointments via the HotDoc notification or by contacting the practice directly on (02) 4288 0511.
  • In the event that a patient is unable to attend an appointment, the practice requires 24 hours’ notice (or as much notice as possible in the case of unforeseen circumstances).
  • Failure to attend an appointment without prior notice will incur a $35 fee payable prior to the patient’s next appointment.
  • Failure to attend an appointment 3 times can trigger a review of a person’s status as a patient at Medical Professionals Dapto.


Referrals from general practitioners to medical specialists allow for the specialist consultation to be rebateable by medicare. Patients can request repeat referrals during consultation, or via HotDoc online.

  • It is unlawful to backdate referrals, doing so would breach the Commonwealth Health Insurance Act.
  • We can only provide repeat referrals, you must have already seen the specialist previously.
  • Your GP may not be able to provide a repeat referral if they have not seen you recently.
  • Each referral request is assessed by your doctor who will approve or decline the request on clinical grounds. If the request is declined, you will be advised to make an appointment in-person.
  • A fee is charged for each request, which is to be paid on request via HotDoc

Medical Records

Your medical record is a confidential document and it is the practice policy to maintain the security of the all personal health information. The practice adheres to the National Privacy Principles. A copy of our privacy policy is available on request from reception. For more information please visit www.oaic.gov.au/privacy/privacy-act/the-privacy-act


An interpreter service is available and can be arranged via the reception desk.